Kalika Development Center At Pyuthan, Nepal

Kalika Development Nepal is one of the non-profit gaining Non–Governmental organizations. It was founded in 2039 B.S. as a professional association for social development within a framework of the KDC Nepal. It was named as Kalika Youth Club during its established.
Kalika Development Centre Nepal aims to create and strengthen awareness about the need of district development through collaboration and advocacy.
KDC Nepal is committed to work towards the betterment of socially and economically marginalized sections of society such as women, Children, Youth, ethnic minorities and hard to reach people. It aims at providing access to adequate education, access to health service, access to income generation activity and at enabling those communities to initiate development process on their own and to take ownership of their development capacities. It therefore supports communities which are willing to promote their sectors by improving their lives through Educational support, Health facility support and Livelihood support.

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