CASP/Save the Children Since 2009

Since 2009 Kalika Development Centre Nepal is working jointly with save the children on sponsorship program. To induce healthy and educated children as it major goal and has been working in four different theme.

As in coordination with district and local level line agency and government it has been now working in 22 VDC (2 municipalities and 5 rural municipality)

There are four major areas to make maximum reach to the children. Early Childhood Care and Development, Basic Education, School Health and Nutrition and Adolescent Development programs are designed to address 0 to 18 years’ children through Education, Health and Livelihood. Considering present community status and need, programs are implemented in planned areas. Similarly, for the over aged (more than 18 years) it is covered through livelihood (noncore) program to improve the livelihood opportunities of the family member improving the life style of children.

Need assessment and support based on the real need is the most appreciative process as part of good governance. To reach towards the needy children pocket areas are defined for the program implementation. In provision to increase enrollment and attendance rate ten pocket areas and to promote livelihood opportunities 6 pocket areas are identified and implemented as well.

As in current context, whole Nepal is reforming to province and local level structure. Due to this all powers are vested towards the local level structure so as part of coordination, coordination done with different local level structure and government for making maximum reach towards children and community similarly understanding the program in provision to achieve result at scale and to know the possible duplication in the program.

In support of save the children KDC Nepal has self-developed three years’ strategy for phasing out the program. Based on the result achieved in last eight years’ target has been set for coming three years with some limitation of budget. Therefore, KDC Nepal has increased linkages, coordination and advocacy with government for the effectiveness in program implementation and to sustain the possible activities. And similarly during the three years plan of phase out it has proper hand over plan to the community.

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